WiE45: Oil in Edgewise


Oil is everywhere.

It’s in the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the roads we drive in, and the buildings we live in.

It’s production employs us. It’s sale sustains our booming economy. Our lives, our cities, our world are shaped by oil, from the arrangement of streets to the arrangement of geopolitics.

Much is made of the economic, environmental, and political consequences of our oiliness, but about the cultural and social consequences?

Words in Edgewise 45 features leading ‘petroculture’ scholars and award winning artists whose business it is to think about how oil changes who we are and how we understand ourselves and our world.

Lisa Moore is an award winning author from St. John’s whose heart-wrenching novel “February” told the story of a young widow, Helen, grappling with the loss of her husband on the Ocean Ranger offshore rig.

Dr. Janet Stewart is the Director of the Centre for Visual Arts and Cultures at Durham University, she curated an international exhibition on “OilScapes” at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen and she works on the Advisory Board of “Capturing the Energy” – a multi-partner initiative to document Scotland’s energy history.

Drs. Danine Farquarhson and Fiona Polack are English profs at Memorial and are leading a major research project on the effects of Newfoundland’s offshore oil called “Cold Water Oil”

Other presenters will be announced soon and will include visual artists and filmmakers.

Words in Edgewise 45, hosted by Morgan Murray goes Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 8 PM at Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Drive). Admission is pay-what-you-can.

WiE44: Art Marathon Festival Launch with WiE

FESTIVAL LAUNCH, Eastern Edge Gallery, 7pm-12am

Hosted by Morgan Murray

Fancy Artist Talks: Local, provincial, national and international artists present their works for 15 minutes each while the audience sips on cocktails designed in the artists’ honour and with humour in relation to their work. Featuring Andreas Buchwaldt, Kyle Bustin, Donald Lawrence, Michael McCormack, Rachael Shannon, Michael Waterman, Charmaine Wheatley and Cliff Eyland/Jeanne Randolph.

Sweet Tooth: Designed and organized by Joe Fowler, we will launch this year’s festival members project, a publication of artworks, poetry, and fiction that explore the theme of Carnival. Eastern Edge Gallery’s members include those across the island and beyond. Sweet Tooth will be available for purchase.

(Photo by Will Baker)

WiE43: Engineering in Edgewise


This April, engineering grad students from Memorial took the challenge to become leaders and participated in the first ever Lead By Design Institute–an intensive program that split them into small teams and gave them five days to tackle one of the great engineering challenges of the 21st century.

At Words in Edgewise 43 they will reveal their results.

From how we meet our most basic needs, to the latest hi-tech gadgets, to how society deals with massive upheavals like climate change, engineering is everywhere. Everything is designed. But most of us might not think about design, and how it can be used to help solve wicked problems and make the world a better place. These engineers have.

Monday, April 28 at 8:00 pm
Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Drive

Drinks and Food by Fixed

Hosted by Morgan Murray

Presented in partnership with Meta Kettle and the Lead By Design Institute.
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WiE42: Trans*, Drag, and Intersections of Gender Bending


Though ostensibly under the same queer umbrella, the drag world and the trans* community have long been at odds, with drag often reinforcing stereotypical gay norms and delegitimizing the trans* experience of gender. With the developing agency of trans* narratives and the use of drag by different queer identities, is it possible for these two groups to come together in meaningful ways?

Words in Edgewise takes on a different flavour this month, combining presentations from members of the trans* and drag communities with a hands-on workshop aimed at building community understandings of the issues discussed.

Taylor Stocks/Doctor Androbox (President of St. John’s Pride and Drag Idol 2013 runner-up) will explore the creation of a trans* drag character and supporting community.

Brendan Cooke (President of MUN Debate) will focus on the narratives within RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Jude Culter (founder of the Trans* Support Group) will examine trans* intersectionality and gender expression.

Kailey Bryan will show us queer artists Joshua Vettivelu, Coral Short, Kris Grey, and Sarah Hill, and the critiques of desire and privilege in their practices.

Sara Pinsent will discuss questions of safety and inclusion.

Help us answer the our March question of drag and trans*: can’t we all just get along?