WiE41: MUN Family Feud


How well does Mr. Doctor So-and-So know Mrs. Doctor So-and-So’s PhD Thesis? How well does Dr. Dad know Rocker Son’s second album?

It’s mother vs. daughter, father vs. son, husband vs. wife, in the first ever WiE MUN Family Feud. MUN relations face off in a battle of well-educated wits, Newlywed Game-style.

This special Words in Edgewise is part of Engage Memorial Week, celebrated each year around Valentine’s Day by Public Engagement at Memorial University, so come join us to see deep MUN connections go, and for a good laugh.

Our special guest contestants are:

Dr. Doug House (Sociology) and son Adrian House (The Connexions)
Dr. Jennifer Dyer (Humanities) and daughter Isobel Bradley
Drs. Noreen Golfman (Dean of Grad Studies) and husband Stephen Bornstein (NLCAHR)
Dr. Rob Greenwood (Harris Centre) and son

Show starts at 8pm at Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Drive).

Admission is Pay-What-You-Can.

Adult bevvies by donation.

Drinks and snacks by Fixed.

Hosted by Morgan Murray.

WiE39: Mindscapes – Art & the Mind


Words in Edgewise 39 teams up with an art exhibit, an art gallery, and a gaggle of experts to explore the relationship between art and mental health.

MINDSCAPES is an annual art exhibition put on by the Canadian Mental Health Association of NL. For each of the past seven years it has showcased artwork that helps raise awareness of mental health issues in the province. This year’s exhibition will features a special Words in Edgewise exploring the relationship between art and mental health. Including special presentations by:

PAUL MARCH, the Regional Mental Health Coordinator for Eastern Health, will discuss “Mental Illness, Art and Spiritual Transcendence.”

A curator at The Rooms Provincial Gallery and art historian, MIREILLE EAGAN, will take us back through the history of “Art and Madness.” A talk about the intertwined history of madness and visual art, considering the more famous examples who had the “creative spirit.”

Artist and Program Coordinator for The Murphy Centre’s Community Youth Arts Program, CANDACE FULFORD, will introduce us to The Community Youth Arts Program and the work it does to help young people through some of the challenges in life through art.

And representatives from the local non-profit organization HEALING EXPRESSIONS will talk about the work they do to provide studio space, art supplies and peer mentoring to individuals struggling with a variety of mental illness or addiction challenges.

Words in Edgewise 39, hosted by Morgan Murray goes Thursday, October 3, 2013, 8 PM at Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Drive). Admission is pay-what-you-can. Coffee and baking provided by Fixed Coffee & Baking.

Big thanks to Philippa Jones for her help organizing this event!

WiE 37: Newfoundland in Venice, Madness, Prints, Pelley


From ground breaking visual art to award winning writers not writing, Words in Edgewise 37 packs a midsummer blockbuster punch:

Newfoundland in Venice Terra Nova Art Foundation

The Terra Nova Art Foundation has a mandate to showcase the artwork of Newfoundland artists on the world stage. Their first project endeavored to mount an exhibition of the work of Newfoundland artists Peter Wilkins and Will Gill at the most celebrated international art exhibition in the world: The Venice Biennale. They were overjoyed to receive word in late February that their application to exhibit work was successful. Since then, there has been fundraising and a myriad of logistical details to tackle which culminated in opening of the exhibition “About Turn: Newfoundland in Venice” on the Grand Canal, May 29th 2013. It has been a wild five months. We will tell you all about it. Speakers: Artists Peter Wilkins, Will Gill and Curator Mireille Eagan

Lunacy, Fantasy, Freedom: A Resurrection by Iain McCurdy

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” – Steven Winterburn

In a land before time, one man chose to do the impossible. After ten years (wait, wasn’t it a land before time?) of arduous back-breaking thinking, from sitting with one fist under his chin, to sitting with the other fist under his chin, to many ceilings stared at, and innumerable beard-strokes later, the holy grail of unknowns on the horizon, this man stared madness dead in the eye, and then abandoned it to go do a creative writing M.A. But in a one time only extra-special extravaganza, Iain McCurdy will talk about some of the lunacy he uncovered while writing his Humanities Journal, some the unforgettable truths and things that can’t be unseen about the state of mental health care that he had buried safely in the deep recesses of his warped mind. From the definition of mental disorders, to the asylum, to the influence of pharmaceutical companies, to the legal implications of diagnosis, and ultimately about what it means to be free, Iain will attempt, in this daredevil stunt, to blow his own mind. Be careful you don’t agree with him on anything, they’ll call you crazy and lock you up for that.

Bring to Light by April White

April White is going to tell you about her art. This is a prequel to her upcoming exhibition at St. Michael’s Printshop, which opens on August 23rd, 7pm. She’ll fill you in on the rich history of the past however many years leading to the discovery that she likes to burn white circular lights out of dark rectangles with nitric acid and gum arabic solutions on lithographic limestone. April White holds a BFA, majoring in Visual Arts from Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland. White is primarily a printmaker, but also ventures into photography, sculpture, watercolour, film, performance, and installation. She enjoys researching and learning about memory, melancholy, mementos, cabinets of curiosities, democratic printmaking, minimalism, and feminism.

Music by Chad Pelley

Chad Pelley’s novels and short stories have been recognized by 10 awards. His debut novel was a Coles bestseller, and is being adapted for film. But he’d rather write songs than stories. He’s been writing songs since he was a kid, and his mother had to sign permission slips so he could play in bars underage. He has written more than 500 songs, but takes his fiction more seriously than the music, on account of his self-described not-sensational singing voice, and aversion to the touring life.

Hosted by Morgan Murray Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 8 PM, Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Drive Admission by pay-what-you-can donation Drinks and snacks provided by Fixed Coffee & Baking

WiE35: 7 New Plays by 7 New Playwrights | Hosted by Robert Chafe | Wed May 29


Award winning playwright Robert Chafe is the special guest host for a night of fresh new plays from fresh new playwrights.

The troupe of playwrights will be giving dramatic readings of scenes from their new plays crafted as part of Robert Chafe’s Advanced Playwriting course at MUN. They are:


Play Dead by Jon Aylward

A frustrated theatre director attempts to reason with an all-dead cast to complete his play … will he succeed, or is it truly curtains for Newfoundland?

Jon has been a writer for over fifteen years. He likes his stories the same way he likes his coffee: dark, and slightly sweet.

Little Orphans by Emily Bridger

Gwen, in begrudgingly coming “home” for her sisters wedding confronts the unresolved fallout, on herself and her relationships, of her parents’ past abandonment, and comes to discover a side of herself that might be at home there.

Emily Bridger is a writer/actress “known” for getting cast almost exclusively in roles that she writes. She’s from St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Work in Progress by Jana Gillis

A Sociology professor studying human connection struggles with his own ability to connect to someone, anyone.

Jana’s first ever job was standing in a parking lot playing the bagpipes all day; she wrote a play about it. She kept writing.

Piranha Pit by Morgan Murray

Cutbacks leave Carl, a plucky and hormonal parliamentary page, as top advisor to Prime Minister. As you might expect, he ends up on trial for war crimes.

Morgan is taking the night off from his regular gig hosting WiE to play with the others.

Billy Jackson, American Hero by Gary Newhook

Washed up wrestling superstar Billy Jackson gets confronted by his past.

Gary is a writer from Kilbride that moonlights as an alcoholic.

That I Would be Good. by Melanie Oates

Dolly and her patchwork family struggle to create a place within themselves and their 1950s rural Newfoundland town where they can be accepted. Nobody seen a family like this before.

Mel Oates is a saltwater fisherman’s daughter. She is a MUN graduate and Percy Janes First Novel award winner. Mel works in film/ television costume and wardrobe.

Tentative Resident by Issa Russell

Molly, a young woman from a small town, struggles to free herself from the religious and societal expectations of her family and community, and eventually gains an appreciation for her upbringing as a defining factor of the woman she’s become.

Issa is an actor by nature and a writer by obsession. A lover of words. Even the gross ones. Especially the gross ones. Poopybum.

Hosted by Robert Chafe

Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 8 PM, Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Drive

Admission by pay-what-you-can donation

Drinks and snacks provided by Fixed Coffee & Baking

WiE & Lawnya Vawnya Double-Header


Words in Edgewise is teaming up with Lawnya Vawnya III: An Exposition of Independent Art and Culture in St. John’s for not one, but two great events.

Music, Media and Possibilities Panel Discussion

Thursday, April 18 at 6:30 pm at Eastern Edge

Join our panel to discuss the direction music, particularly the independent variety, is headed and how the media and other factors play into that.

Featuring Meg Warren (Repartee), Vish Khanna (musician, promoter, ex-CBC3, Exclaim!), Roberto Granados-Ocon (Exclaim!), and Dennis Parker (Music NL).

The Comic Book Genius of Jeffrey Lewis

Thursday, April 18 at 6:30 pm at Eastern Edge

Jeffrey Lewis will be playing music on Thursday night at the Rocket Room (after WiE I of II), and then will pop by WiE on Friday night to talk about his comic book art.

Lewis is born and raised in New York. He has toured the world as a musician and comic book artist and scholar.

You can find out all about Jeffrey on the interwebs at: http://www.thejeffreylewissite.com/

Hosted by Morgan Murray

With food and drink from Fixed Coffee & Baking