WiE 20/20: Engage Memorial | Thu Feb 14 | 8 PM | Eastern Edge


The best of MUN on display at a frenetic, and romantic, WiE 20/20

Words in Edgewise is teaming up with Engage Memorial week for a very special Valentine’s WiE 20/20 event featuring 11 of the best, brightest, and most engaging minds at Memorial. The ever-popular 20/20 event isThursday, February 14 at 8 PM at Eastern Edge Gallery.

Have you heard the one about the geographer, writer, chemist, geologist, English professor, physicist, world traveler, ethnomusicologist, economist, film scholar, and refugee medical program coordinator who walk into an art gallery? The punch line? You’ll have to come to Eastern Edge Gallery on Valentine’s Day to find out.

The presenters include:

Alison Coffin: “My MUN”
Alison. Economist. Educator. Entrepreneur. Entertainer. Enjoy!~a.

Kate Duff: “The MUN Med Gateway Project”
Kate works, plays and dreams in law, economics, strategic planning, evaluation, animal rights, food security, painting, and general craftiness.

Bojan Furst: “So you think you live on an island, eh?”
Bojan is a Croatian geographer-photographer transplanted to Newfoundland more or less successfully. He does require some extra Vitamin D.

David Lander: “The History of Icelandic Popular music in 6 minutes and 40 seconds”
Dave is a guy who moved from Kingston to Waterloo to Guelph to here. He likes pizza, Audrey and surprise endings.

Christopher Lockett: “Here Be Dragons: Mapping Imaginary Spaces”
Chris is an associate professor of English at Memorial University, specializing in contemporary American literature and media culture.

Marc MacKinnon: “Chemists taking back the word ‘chemicals’”
Marc is a graduate student in organic chemistry who synthesizes new materials, such as those found in your TV screens and LED lights.

Keir MacIsaac: “Tips for whirlwind business travel”
Working with the Office of Student Recruitment since 2007, Keir promotes Memorial University’s undergraduate programs in Asia and Latin America.

Gary Newhook: “20th Century Countdown”
Gary is a writer who lives in the Goulds and moonlights as an alcoholic.

Jon Petrychyn: “Eye See You at the Movies: Reflections on Vision”
Jon is an MPhil candidate in the Graduate Program in Humanities. He studies film spectatorship and identity.

Kris Poduska: “10 things you should know before dating a scientist”
Kris is a physicist at Memorial University. This cameo is unlikely to launch her career as an advice columnist.

Derek H.C. Wilton: “Till We Meet Again”
Derek, a professor of Earth Sciences, has sailed the Labrador six times; the most recent expedition was the subject of a Nature of Things episode.

The 20/20 format challenges speakers to present their work through a series of 20 images that change, ready-or-not, every 20 seconds. The result is six minutes and 40 seconds of insight, intrigue, and hilarity—always hilarity, intentional or not.

“We borrowed the 20/20 format from the pecha kutcha style,” says event organizer and host Morgan Murray. “All over the world pecha kutcha events fill giant halls. It’s because the presentations are always quick, punchy, and entertaining.”

This will be the third WiE 20/20 event held over the past three years. Murray says the 20/20 events have made for some of the most memorable Words in Edgewise events of the more than 30 that have been held altogether.

“These 20/20 talks can be surprisingly profound and surprisingly funny—often within the same talk,” he says. “Like the med student hilariously lamenting his inability to get a girlfriend and then reflecting on the first time he had a patient die in his arms, the tears of laughter turned to tears of sadness on a dime, the mood in the room was electric.”

Hosted by Morgan Murray

Thursday, February 14, 2013, 8 PM, Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Drive.

Admission by pay-what-you-can donation.

Drinks and snacks provided by Fixed.

There will be special Valentine’s Day mood lighting and treats, so bringing dates, or finding dates, is encouraged.

Engage Memorial Week is a week of events launching Memorial’s new Public Engagement Framework, February 12th-15th. mun.ca/publicengagement
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